Basement Water Extraction

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Standing water tends to develop over time, which can cause flooding in your basement. Whether your property is residential, or commercial, flooded basements can create several different complications to the indoor air quality of your property.

FS Restoration is an experienced, full-service restoration company. With over 21 years of experience, we service the northern New York cities of Middletown, Newburgh, Accord, Woodbury, Rock Hill, Poughkeepsie, Pine Bush, Liberty, Monticello, Ellenville, Cragsmoor, and Wurtsboro areas.

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Causes of Standing Water

There are several different ways standing water can accumulate within the basement of your building. Understanding the causes can assist you in catching the symptoms of standing water early- before it develops into needing costly repairs.

If you see standing water in your basement, the following reasons could be the culprit.

Failed water lines: Over time, pipes and water lines can corrode and fail for a number of reasons. Over use, hard water and other reasons can be the cause for pre-mature aging. In addition, aging without proper maintenance can create complications within the lines.

When a water line fails, hundreds of gallons of water can pump into a building over a short period of time. Since water follows the line of gravity, basements tend to be the area where water accumulates the most. Depending on the items you keep in your basement, this can create a tremendous amount of damage as the water saturates into porous items such as carpet, drywall, sheetrock, textiles and other contents present.

FS Restoration has the expertise required to extract any and all standing water within your basement. Certified by the IICRC, our technicians understand the proper way to extract and dry your basement in such a way to prevent further damage from taking place. Our equipment is designed to extract large amounts of water over a short period of time, which means we are able to quickly remove the standing water and begin the drying process.

Appliance malfunction: Many water heaters, sump pumps, washing machines and other appliances can be found in the basement. When a water line fails, or an appliance breaks down, many times water damage can come with it. Appliance malfunctions can cause flooding, and if not handled quickly can lead to secondary damage issues.

Cracks in the foundation: Groundwater can easily flow into the basement area of a property when cracks occur within the foundation. Heavy rains, broken sprinkler lines and backed up sewer lines can all cause drainage and seepage into the basement. Depending on how long this goes untreated can determine the level of repair required.

A common mistake property owners make when addressing flooded basements from cracks in the foundation is that the water is clean. In fact, it is far from it. When the water seeps into the basement through foundational cracks, it tends to mix with hazardous materials such as oil, grease, bacteria or even viruses. That is why groundwater is categorized at a level of 3; the most harmful of all water types.

FS Restoration is experienced in handling category 3 water, and can properly restore your basement through professional extraction and drying techniques. If you have identified standing water in your basement, and believe it is from a crack or failure within your foundation, give us a call to help remediate the situation immediately.

Secondary Damage from Standing Water

When standing water goes untreated within your property, secondary damage can occur. Mold damage and warping of building materials are in fact the most common forms and can be prevented if caught early.

In cases where too much damage has been done, FS Restoration has the ability to tear out ruined building materials and properly restore the environment to its original condition. Since we have the experience necessary to identify areas of secondary damage, we can properly restore each area to avoid further damage from occurring.

Water Present in your Basement? You Need Water Extraction Services

In order to begin the proper clean-up process for your flooded basement, you need to call a professional to help you with water extraction services.

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