It was a frigid day in March when I learned that pipes had frozen in our vacation home on Lake Louise Marie. Water cascaded throughout the main floor and down into the basement. Carpets, underlayment, walls, cabinets, all ruined. The house looked like a war zone, literally frozen in time.

When I asked the insurance company for a referral for remediation, they recommended Fresh Start. I was put in touch with Benny Quarterone of Fresh Start, who immediately got the ball rolling on drying out the house, removing damaged walls, fixtures, and flooring, and, perhaps most critical, giving me the peace of mind that our home was in good hands.

I was so impressed with Benny and the Fresh Start crew that, unfamiliar with local contractors and residing nearly 3 hours away (and not wanting to be the general contractor, chasing after various plumbers, carpenters, and tradesmen), I asked Benny if he could oversee the entire restoration project, from start to finish.

Boy, was I glad I did! Benny had at his disposal the very best (and most reasonable, I might add) plumbers, electricians, craftsman and painters, and guided me through the reconstruction process. Whatever our needs, from flooring to fixtures to cabinets, Benny hooked us up with the right people and saw that the job got done correctly.

Knowing that our house would once again become our home away from home, under Benny’s watchful eye, trusted guidance, and skilled hands, turned what began as a nightmare into a most pleasant experience.

“Thank you, Benny! We wouldn’t have ever have felt at home again without you!”

Seth Bykofsky